The moment you come to know about the gender of the baby you are expecting is magical. The parents can’t express their feelings at that moment and can’t wait to share the news with their friends and family. Even though the excitement is at its peak, and you can wait to tell your baby’s gender to everyone, you want to make this announcement memorable.

Arranging a gender reveal party can be very exciting but a little hectic to manage too. But no worries, here is how you can arrange an amazing gender reveal party. By following these steps, you won’t only be able to go through an epic party, but also it will make things easy and manageable for you. Keep on reading to know about the best ideas for a gender reveal party.

  • Choose the right theme for your party.

There are many themes available that have both pink and blue colors, so choose accordingly. Decorate the place with simple blue and pink candles, balloons, napkins, etc. You can even put pink and blue towels in your bathroom. Some of the most common neutral themes include unicorn theme, bumble bee theme, a combined Micky & Minnie Mouse theme, etc. If you chose any of these themes, no one would be able to guess the exact gender until you announce it yourself. Make sure to make a super cute gender reveal box as it would be of prime importance.

  • Setting the right date and Invite Guests

Selection of the right date for your gender reveals party is very important. Choose any date after the 6th month of your pregnancy, as you will be able to know the gender after that. If you are looking for an affordable HD live silhouette ultrasounds for pregnant women, Baby’s First Selfie is the right place for you!

You can also make your 3-D ultrasound day memorable and plan your big reveal. Ask the sonographer to write the gender at the back of your sonography image and close it to the envelope. At Baby’s First Selfie, we provide sonography images as memories that you will cherish forever. Not only this, but we also provide you with the heartbeat of your unborn child. We also provide gender reveal images. If the position of your baby is in a way that is making it impossible to know about the gender of your baby, then it’s recommended to schedule an ultrasound appointment again.

After knowing about your baby’s gender after a 3D ultrasound, you can choose the right date and invite your guests accordingly. You can get some cute invites made or even print them at home if you’re on a budget. You can find multiple invitation options on for free. If you don’t want to waste extra bucks on the invites, you can even make an e-invite and send it to your guests.

  • Planning the Big Reveal – The Right Way!

Many couples choose to announce their baby’s gender with something sweet like a cake, dessert or treats, etc. If you also don’t know about the gender yourself and it’s enclosed in the envelope, then give that envelope to the bakery you are going to order the cake from and ask them to make a nice cake that is either blue or pink depending on the gender but with a white or neutral color frosting on the outside so no one can guess it by just looking at the cake.

If you don’t want to announce the gender with a cake, then ask any of your trusted friends to put either blue- or pink-colored socks in the box; when you will open the box at the party – the gender will be revealed. You can also put confetti of either blue or pink color in a dark-colored balloon and disclose the gender by bursting the balloon. If you already have children, you can even ask them to burst the balloon so they can feel included and enjoy as much as you are.

  • Save the Memories by Documenting the Event

Keep your camera charged for taking the pictures and documenting the whole event. If you hire a professional photographer, if you have the resources, otherwise ask any trusted friend or family member to be your photographer for a day. Anyone from friends and family can be a perfect photographer as he/she will know the close family and will try to capture them as much as possible. If you want to make the event memorable for everyone, take some polaroid pictures of the guests and ask them to write special wishes for your child at the back of each picture. In this way, you will be able to collect so many memories from your baby shower, or gender reveal party. If you can afford it, hire a scrapbooker so he can provide you with the scrapbook of your event containing unlimited memories. You can also make your scrapbook by taking polaroid pictures and later pasting them into the scrapbook with the captions.

You can also arrange some games for the guests, especially the children at the party, to make it enjoyable. Upon the arrival of the guests, ask them to write their gender guess on a slip and, at the end, see how many people guessed it right. Offer small treats and gifts to the ones who guessed the gender right. You can also arrange a live BBQ for the guests to make it a good event for everyone. Thank your guests for coming over when the party’s about to end to let them know that their presence was appreciable. If you are looking for Ultrasound Imaging and Gender Determination in California, contact the experts at Baby’s First Selfie today!