Childbirth is one of the most exciting things for parents. When a couple expects their child, especially the first child, their excitement is on another level. They can’t wait to see their child. In the modern world today, where technology has changed a lot of things, it also fulfilled the wish of parents to be able to see their child before birth. Exciting right? With 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging for advanced diagnostic, you can now see your child before they are born into the world. It is such a reverent moment that is why the ultrasounds have become very common these days. The joy for parents to see their baby for the first time is just out of this world. Not only this, but ultrasound also helps parents listen to the heartbeat of their unborn child. For most parents, the excitement of this experience is just another level. At Baby’s First Selfie, we provide you the sonography images of your unborn child and the recorded heartbeat so you can cherish these memories forever. We understand that no matter how many times you watch your baby or listen to their heartbeat, it would be less.

Besides the memories, there are different health benefits of 3D Ultrasound too. Women must get multiple ultrasounds during their first trimester. The number of ultrasounds a woman has during her pregnancy depends on various factors, the prime being the woman’s health. Even though ultrasounds are completely safe, it’s recommended not to go overboard with them. With the advancements in technology and modern medicine, the information you get through ultrasounds is matchless. It helps a lot in knowing the well-being of the baby in the womb. It has also made it possible for the doctors to see the concerns that may arise during the delivery. At Baby’s First Selfie, we provide 3D/4D ultrasound pictures for a prenatal baby that show the baby’s shape and position. Some of the most common benefits of a 3D and 4D ultrasound are:

  • Detection of Any Abnormalities in the Growing Fetus

As the 3D ultrasound helps in understanding the development of a growing fetus, it detects any abnormalities that come in the way. 3D ultrasound helps a lot in knowing the health of your body in the womb, and you can get an idea about any issues beforehand so the doctor can address them on time. A 3D or 4D ultrasound can easily determine concerns like the improper position of the fetus or a cleft lip. As technology advances day by day, these ultrasounds are getting even more advanced, and you can see your unborn baby in full glory. So, what’s the delay? Save the memories of your unborn child forever with Baby’s First Selfie ultrasound picture studio in California.

  • Evaluation of the flow of blood to the Placenta

The smooth flow of blood to the placenta is crucial for the development of the embryo. Monetizing this blood flow through a 3D ultrasound is much more effective than a 2D ultrasound and helps more in understanding the process. As the sound waves reflect from the flowing blood through the placenta, it clearly shows how the process works via a 3D ultrasound. As the sound waves are sharper, they get converted into an image – that is more detailed and easily understandable. The flow of blood comes under the category of vascular biology. It is very important to ensure the proper flow of blood to the placenta as it determines the development of the fetus. Ultrasounds are known not only to provide clear results about the fetus’s development but also to help in effective diagnosis and provide unforgettable memories of the unborn child. If you are looking for ultrasound sonographers from the medical community in California, contact us today!

  • Ensuring the Presence of Enough Amniotic Fluid in the Womb

Keeping track of the available amniotic fluid during pregnancy is of the highest importance. The excess number of fluids or too few fluids can both be harmful during the pregnancy and can create complications in delivery. A woman needs to get a 3D ultrasound done instead of a 2D one as it provides a better idea about the number of amniotic fluids present inside the womb. If there is a small amount of amniotic fluid in the womb, it is known as Oligohydramnios. At the same time, the condition of having too much amniotic fluid is called polyhydramnios. It’s very common among pregnant women to have a smaller number of amniotic fluids. However, both these conditions can result in complications during the pregnancy. As a mother, a woman wants to choose the best for her child. So, a 3D ultrasound is one of the best and most important things to get done if you are expecting, as it can help you with a lot of concerns and give you peace of mind about your baby’s health.

At Baby’s First Selfie, we use the state of the art and advanced sonography technology that provides 3D/4D ultrasound pictures for prenatal babies. We understand how exciting this moment can be for you, so we make sure to make it as memorable as we can. Through our 3D and 4D images, you can see the actual face of your unborn child. You can witness your baby’s activities in the womb – everything from sleeping, thumb sucking to laughing, etc. Not only does it help you in developing a bond with your unborn child, but it also gives you peace of mind that your baby is in good health. If your pregnancy is challenging, an ultrasound helps highlight the issues, which can help the doctors take measures beforehand. Pregnancy is full of memories, so you should not miss the chance to save these memories so that your children can cherish them when they’re young. If you want HD live silhouette ultrasounds imaging in California, Baby’s First Selfie experts have covered you. Call us to book an appointment today!